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Quality Chart Review - DA/SSA


Every community mental health center that is a Designated or Specialized Services Agency will be reviewed at least every four years by the Department of Mental Health. Reviewers are looking for:

  • strengths of the agency or program,
  • compliance to minimum standards, and
  • any opportunities for continuous quality improvement.

This process is described by both:

  • the Vermont Department of Mental Health Provider Manual (2023), and the
  • Administrative Rules on Agency Designation (2003)

This process includes, at a minimum:

  • Review of the clinical records of an individual served, called a ‘chart review’,
  • Review of a sample of the physical spaces of the agency, typically by an onsite visit,
  • Review of policies and procedures of the agency,
  • Review of data capturing how much work an agency did, how well the agency did it, and whether those served are better off as a result of services,
  • Review of public comments about the agency’s services,
  • Review of comments made by leadership, board, staff, supervisors, community partner organizations, and critically, individuals and families served.

Templates of the chart review conducted by DMH are linked below.

Chart Review Templates for DAs/SSAs