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Electronic Bed Board System

What it is: The Vermont Department of Mental Health has developed an Electronic Bed Board System. With the Electronic Bed Board System, each facility will update their bed availability in real time. Those in need of available beds will be able to search based on bed type and location.

Where to find it: The Electronic Bed Locator System can be found on the web at   To login go to and user name: search and password: user.

Who is using it: The system will provide bed availability for adult beds in all facilities throughout the State of Vermont with Crisis, Inpatient, Residential, and Intensive Residential beds as well as the Psychiatric Care Unit at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. It will also provide bed availability for children’s beds in all facilities throughout the State of Vermont with Crisis and Inpatient beds.

System Requirements: The Electronic Bed Board System will run on many browsers, including Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 8+, Chrome C15+ and Safari 5+. The System does not run on Internet Explorer 7. Also, the System runs on Smartphones, both Android and iPhone though it is not optimized for mobile.

Contact Information: For more information on the Electronic Bed Board System, please feel free to contact us: