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Intensive Residential Recovery

An Intensive Residential Recovery (IRR) Program offers an array of therapeutic and recovery-oriented services within a residential setting.  Each IRR has a high level of staffing to resident ratio which allows for the capacity to offer  person-centered and wellness focused daily supports. All IRRs are "staff secure", meaning on-site staffing is available to provide more intensive individual focus and oversight as needs arise. The overall focus of the IRR programs is to ensure a safe therapeutic environment where people can work on their recovery goals and develop, learn and practice the skills needed to be as successful as possible in the community-based programs. The IRR programs are short-term/transitional so assistance with establishing more permanent housing, or housing in a less intensive residential program, is included in all resident’s program plans.

The Department of Mental Health currently operates Vermont’s only state run Intensive Residential Recovery facility, Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence.  DMH contracts with six  additional IRRs for adults in Vermont.