Adult Mental Health Services

The Department of Mental Health (DMH) contracts with community providers of mental-health services for adults with severe mental illness.  The public mental-health system has Ten Commissioner-designated nonprofit agencies (Desig­nated Agencies, or DAs) in all major geographical areas of Vermont and one Specialized Services Agency (SSA). 

DMH central office staff provide leadership and direction for the community-based public mental-health system as well as program and service monitoring and assessment to assure adherence to state and federal regulations and to monitor the quality of services and sup­ports delivered by DAs.  DMH also oper­ates the Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital (VPCH), Vermont’s only public psychiatric hospi­tal and Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence, a locked residential facility for adults with serious mental illness. 

Additionally, DMH contracts with Desig­nated Hospi­tals (DHs) for emergency inpatient psychiatric assessment and treatment of adults and youth in need of acute care that cannot be provided in a less restrictive setting.  Designated Hospitals also provide voluntary inpatient psychiatric serv­ices and limited partial hospitali­zation.

For more information about services please contact us at 802-241-0090.

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Department of Mental Health
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