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Designated Agencies and Specialized Service Agencies

The Department of Mental Health works with private nonprofit agencies in Vermont to provide mental-health care. They are called Designated Agencies, or community mental health centers. In addition to these agencies, we work with two Specialized Service Agencies: Pathways Vermont, who serve adults, and the Northeastern Family Institute, who serve children and families.

The Designated Agencies are organized under the Vermont Care Partners, a collaboration between the Vermont Council and the Vermont Care Network of sixteen non-profit community-based member agencies offer care to Vermonters affected by developmental disabilities, mental health conditions, and substance use disorders.   The mission of Vermont Care Partners is "to provide statewide leadership for an integrated, high-quality system of comprehensive services and supports."

To learn more about Vermont Care Partners, please visit their website:

Designated Hospitals

The Department of Mental Health currently designates seven hospitals to provide psychiatric inpatient care in Vermont. All seven hospitals provide services to adults while the Brattleboro Retreat provides inpatient services to children and youth requiring psychiatric hospitalization.