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Physician Emergency Exam Certification

Vermont Department of Mental Health Commissioner Designation As A Physician/APRN Who can Complete the Physician's Certificate (First Certification) Procedure

Purpose: The Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Mental Health (DMH) designates physicians/APRNs who are not specialists in psychiatry to perform Emergency Examinations of individuals screened at general hospital emergency departments or within the Department of Corrections. This procedure describes the process by which a physician/APRN will receive designation to complete the Physician's Certificate (First Certification).

Authority:  Vermont Statutes 18 V.S.A. § 7110; 26 V.S.A. § 1616


  1. Completion of an application;
  2. One of the following: a.) Attendance at a QMHP training; or b.)Completing the on-line training module for physicians/APRNs for completing the Physician's Certificate (First Certification) on the Vermont Department of Mental Health’s website;
  3. Completion of test questions;
  4. Completion of a mock First Certification;
  5. Appropriate and current credentials for practicing as a physician or psychiatric APRN; and
  6. Attestation by the hospital’s chief medical officer or Department of Correction’s Health Services Administrator confirming status of hospital medical staff.          


  1. Any licensed physician/APRN working at or in a state-licensed hospital/medical center or within the Department of Corrections may apply for designation to complete the Physician's Certificate at the facility.  An application form is attached herein.
  2. The completed application is submitted to the Office of the Commissioner of Mental Health.
  3. The commissioner’s office assistant records receipt of the application and checks the websites of the Medical Practice Board or Office of Professional Regulation as appropriate to verify that the applicant is in good standing.
  4. DMH reviews the application and the criteria outlined above.
  5. The Commissioner confirms designation via a written letter of designation.