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Emergency Services

Emergency (or Crisis) Services are time-limited, intensive supports provided for individuals and families who are currently experiencing, or may be expected to experience, a psychological, behavioral, or emotional crisis.  Services may also be provided to the individual's or family's immediate support system. These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency/Crisis Assessment, Support and Referral includes initial information gathering, triage, training and early intervention, supportive counseling, consultation, referral and crisis planning.  Supports may include:

  • Outreach and Stabilization
  • Clinical Diagnosis and Evaluation
  • Treatment and Direct Support
  • Integration/Discharge Planning back to the person's home or alternative setting. Assessment may also include screening for inpatient psychiatric admission.

Emergency/Crisis Beds offer emergency, short-term mental health supports around the clock in a setting other than the person's home.

The State Interagency Team developed a resource for families who are waiting in the Emergency Department with their child during a mental health crisis.

The brochure contains useful information to help families navigate a potentially difficult situation. A special thanks to many families and advocates who provided invaluable expertise and feedback in the creation of this resource. 

You can find the brochure here: You Are In the Emergency Department with Your Child In Crisis, Now What? 


For more information please contact us at (802) 241-0090.