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Jump on Board for Success (Jobs)

Jump on Board for Success (JOBS) is a program spearheaded by the Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in partnership with the Departments of Corrections, Mental Health, and Children and Families.

The JOBS program offers innovative and often very intensive assistance to youth transitioning to adulthood with accessing and succeeding in employment, education, housing, positive relationships, community connections, and living independently. The JOBS programs are available for youth ages 16 – 21 who are experiencing significant emotional or behavioral challenges that interfere with their tremendous potential and need encouragement with discovering a positive place in their community. The JOBS program focuses on youth who have either left or are seriously at-risk-of leaving school prior to successful graduation and are at high risk for involvement with the criminal justice system, substance use, homelessness, physical abuse, abusive behaviors, or other areas of significant concern. Supports and services address the unique developmental needs of each youth and help mitigate life challenges by accessing the strengths, resiliency, and leadership potential in every youth.