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Language Access

Interpreter Availability at DMH

The Department of Mental Health offers an opportunity to contact us with interpreter services, free of charge. In order to reach the Department with an interpreter in your preferred language, please dial the corresponding phone number below. The interpreters will call our main line, (802) 241-0090, and the line will be answered during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 7:45am-4:30pm, except for State Holidays. During off hours, the interpreter will leave a voicemail so we know to contact you with an interpreter on the line. You can expect a response within 1-2 business days. Thank you and we look forward to better serving you. 

Phone numbers by language

Arabic (العربية): (802) 276-5934

Bosnian (bosanski / босански): (802) 884-2590

Burmese (မြန်မာ): (802) 348-2342

Chinese (Mandarin, 官话): (802) 332-3349

Dari (دری): (802) 392-2349

English: (802) 241-0090

French (Français): (802) 455-9167

Hebrew (עברית): (802) 328-9424

Hindi ( हिंदी ): (802) 444-8608

Kirundi (Ikirundi): (802) 444-8230

Maay Maay (Af- Mai-Mai): (802) 278-6036

Nepali ( नेपाली ): (802) 328-9957

Pashto (پ#تو): (802) 618-6409

Somali (somaliyeed): (802) 210-3403

Spanish (Español): (802) 454-3497

Swahili (kiswahili): (802) 810-8767

Tigrinya (ትግሪኛ): (802) 230-1385

Ukrainian (українська): (802) 810-8667

Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt): (802) 962-6721

American Sign Language (ASL) video interpreter services are available; however, the call must be initiated by the Department. Please call the department main line to request a call back with an ASL interpreter.