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Warning Signs

There is rarely a single cause of suicide. For many people it is the result of many stressors, including financial, health and/or relationship issues.

Many people who die by suicide show one or more warning signs before they act, often through what they say or do. Others, however, do not. If you have lost someone to suicide, know that you are not at fault. 

These are some warning signs.

What is talked about: The person talks about feeling hopeless or trapped, feeling like a burden, having no reason to live.

What their behavior shows: The person’s behavior changes, or their use of alcohol and/or other drugs increases (or they start using alcohol and/or other drugs). They may begin searching for suicide methods, withdrawing from people or activities, sleeping too much or too little, and they may behave aggressively.

How is their mood: Is the person depressed or anxious? Have they lost interest in doing things they normally enjoy? Are they irritable, humiliated, ashamed or agitated?

More information on how to respond to someone who shows such warning signs. Don’t be afraid to ask the person if they are thinking about suicide. If they say yes, offer the help numbers below.

If you can, remove medications and poisons from their surroundings, and if they have a firearm in the home, ask if you can keep it until they feel better. Tell them you care. Make sure they have the numbers below to call for help and ask if they would like you to stay with them while they call.

Suicide is Preventable. You can help, by getting help.

You Are Not Alone Text 833-888-2557