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Hospital Report Card 2015

This report provides data about VPCH’s quality of care, nurse staffing, patient perceptions of care, pricing and financial health. In addition, it provides information about the hospital’s quality improvement initiatives, strategic initiatives, governance and process for filing a complaint. To view this information, click on any of the topics below.

Quality of Care Information

Patient Safety

Patient Falls: falls lead to physical injury, as well as to increased length of stay, and increased hospitalization costs. A lower rate may indicate that a hospital is successful with their efforts to minimize patient falls.
Physical Restraint and Seclusion: A lower rate suggests that the hospital use these methods only in limited and necessary situations.

Screening and Assessment

Admission Screening is an important tool to develop appropriate treatment for patients. Careful Screening for Violence Risk is critical to safety of patients and their treatment. A higher rate indicates that the hospital adheres to standard practice of care.
Assessment of the Patient Experiencing Pain is the cornerstone to optimal pain management. A higher rate indicates the hospital understands the importance of pain reduction, which can result in well-being of patients.

Care Planning

Treatment Planning - The patient's treatment plan serves as a guide for the hospitalization. Inorder for treatment to be well-coordinated and effective, the initial treatment plan should be developed within 24 hours of admission.
Discharge Planning/Post-Discharge Continuing Care Plans - In order to provide optimum care, next level of care providers need to know details of precipitating events immediately preceding hospital admission, the patient's treatment course during hospitalization, discharge medications and next level of care recommendations.

Infection Rates

Nurse Staffing Information

Nursing Care Hours Per Patient Day refers to the number of hours of nursing care provided on a hospital unit, compared to the number of patients on that unit during a 24-hour period. A higher number may indicate that a hospital provides a higher level of patient care.

Patient Perceptions of Care

See results from a hospital survey of how our patients rated their experiences during recent inpatient stays.

Financial and Pricing Information

This Section provides information on VPCH's:

  • Budget summary
  • Financial information and benchmarks
  • Cost shift information
  • Hospital spending
  • Top 25 inpatient admissions and outpatient procedures and their hospital charges

All Vermont Community Hospitals

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You can read about the quality improvement projects we have undertaken to make patient care safer and more effective.
Read about strategic initiatives to meet health care needs in our community and opportunities for public participation in strategic planning.
Public participation: hospital governance section includes our public meeting schedule and contact information.
We encourage the consumers to voice their complaints, concerns, or suggestions. Here's information about the hospital complaint process.

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