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Managing Trauma

The mission of the Department of Mental Health (DMH) is to promote and improve the health of Vermonters.  The widespread prevalence of trauma experienced by individuals and families who access services from DMH makes effective identification and response to trauma survivors a priority for the mental health system.   DMH recognizes that survivors of trauma are resilient, have developed resourceful coping strategies, and can recover.  

Trauma can have lasting impacts on child and adult outcomes including reduced school readiness and performance; increased substance use; serious health problems; social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health problems; and decreased occupational attainment.

The DMH is committed to the provision of trauma-informed care for all mental health consumers and trauma-specific treatment services for those identified as needing more intensive treatment.  Effective screening, assessment, treatments, and interventions to help address the impacts of trauma are available in Vermont.

View the DMH policy on Care of Psychological Trauma in the Mental Health System.