State Mental Health Block Grant Planning Council

Planning Councils are comprised of a wide range of stakeholders including adult consumers of mental-health services, family members, parents of children and adolescents experiencing a serious emotional disturbance, providers of mental-health services, advocates, and other interested members of the community. Membership on the Planning Council is by appointment by the Governor of Vermont, as delegated to the Secretary of the Agency of Human Services (AHS). The federal mental health block grant statute requires states and territories to establish Mental Health Block Grant Planning Councils with a variety of responsibilities:

  • To review block grant applications and reports provided to the Council and to submit any recommendations to the state for modifications to the applications/reports;
  • To serve as an advocate for adults with a serious mental illness, children with a severe emotional disturbance, and other individuals with mental illnesses or emotional problems; and
  • To monitor, review, and evaluate, not less than once each year, the allocation and adequacy of mental health services within the state



For more information please contact the Department of Mental Health at 802-241-0090

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Department of Mental Health
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