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Flood-specific Information

Mental Health Support During Flood Response and Recovery

Flood-related resources

General Disaster Response and Recovery Resources

  • Tips for People Who Take Medication: Coping with Hot Weather (Newly added: 7/24/23)
    • A tip sheet that explores climate change, hot weather, and its impacts on people who use medication to manage mental health and other health conditions. It identifies those who may be at risk and provides guidance for ensuring safety and resiliency.

  • Coping After Disaster (APA)
    • The American Psychiatric Association (APA) provides online information about common reactions to disasters in adults and children and steps that survivors can take to manage disaster reactions and cope effectively. Also presented are links to resources on recognizing signs of trauma, coping and recovery after specific types of disasters, and mobile apps for stress management. 

  • Coping with a Disaster or Traumatic Event (CDC)
    • At this web page, CDC emphasizes the importance of effective coping after a disaster and getting professional help if needed for reactions that are difficult and intense. Links are provided to additional information about managing your emotional health as a survivor and about supporting your children in coping. Available in Spanish: Español.