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Job Board

Recognizing that there are shortages of mental health service providers at some locations, and other locations with providers available for redeployment, DMH created this Mental Health Job Board. All mental health services providers are welcome to identify their essential position vacancies during the Covid-19 emergency declaration period. The goal is to support providers to continue to operate their essential services, such as, but not limited to, inpatient, residential, crisis bed, and emergency services.

Below are the programs seeking to fill essential positions at various levels and degrees of staffing, a brief description of the position, and contact information to learn more. DMH is not involved in the hiring or decisions made by other agencies outside of DMH. When positions are filled, we ask programs to please inform DMH so that we can remove outdated information and ensure the job board is as current as possible.

Essential Positions vacancies are listed in alphabetical order by provider and updated daily. To post a vacancy, please fill out this form and send it to with "MH Job Board" in Subject.