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Self-Poisoning Prevention Resources

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Safe Kids VT NNEPC


The Northern New England Poison Center and Safe Kids Vermont has developed a new nationally accredited toolkit for primary care providers, parents, and other key stakeholders. Across the country, a growing number of young people are attempting to hurt themselves by poisoning. The full toolkit and available resources can be found on the Northern New England Poison Center website

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Resource for Health Care Providers

Preventing Intentional Self-Poisoning in Youth: A Toolkit for Vermont Health Care Providers was developed by the NNEPC in collaboration with Safe Kids Vermont. This toolkit provides background information on the rise of self-harm poisonings in teenagers and tools that primary care providers can use in their practices to help prevent these poisonings. While the toolkit contains data and resources specific to Vermont, the trends are similar across northern New England, and the framework of the toolkit can help providers anywhere. 
Self-Poisoning Prevention: Vermont Provider Toolkit