Welcome to the Department of Mental Health!


The Department of Mental Health resides under the Agency of Human Services and has the same critical mission in mind: to improve the conditions and well-being of Vermonters and protect those who cannot protect themselves.


The Individuals and families that the Department of Mental Health (DMH) supports in Vermont's communities want the same things we all want; safe homes, close friends, loving relationships, good health and something meaningful to do each day. Our job is to help them succeed.

The Department of Mental Health continues to focus on its vision for self-determination, empowerment, recovery and resiliency.  This means being responsive to the needs of our consumers and families as well as continuing to challenge ourselves to try and change society’s culture, philosophy, values, and to fully embrace the concepts of recovery and resiliency. By improving our effectiveness and coordination of programs and services around the State, we will help Vermonters meet their needs.


280 State Drive  NOB 2 North

Waterbury, VT  05671-2010

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