Vision 2030 A 10-Year Plan for Integrated and Holisitic System of Care

Vision 2030 presents a path to a coordinated, holistic and integrated system of care for Vermont. Informed by direct input from hundreds of community members and stakeholders, it furthers the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) and Act 200, Sect. 9 (2019) by supporting systemic improvements in the mental health system of care. Vision 2030 weaves the health needs and goals of Vermonters into actionable strategies for taking policy into practice.

A national leader and pioneer in healthcare reform and community-based care, Vermont is unique in the ability to respond to social and environmental health risks by implementing timely policies and innovative practices. Vermont’s active engagement with needs on the ground has shaped the national dialog on what is truly possible in community-based healthcare. Within the context of a national opioid crisis, Vermont has leveraged its strong social fabric to create scalable models and approaches that work for families far beyond our state borders.

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