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The State of Vermont offers a competitive compensation package, offering benefits designed to meet your health and financial needs, improve your quality of life and help balance your responsibilities at home and work.

Competitive Pay and Benefits include:

  • Competitive salary ranges based on education and experience
  • State employees are eligible for periodic cost of living increases. In addition, employees receive "step increases" in wages, which are based on an employee's job performance and longevity.
  • The State's total compensation package for employees features an outstanding set of employee benefits that can be reviewed at:

The Department of Mental Health offers opportunities for individuals seeking to work in public service and who strive for the opportunity to make a positive impact on mental health.  Whether you are a professional seeking a new and meaningful employment experience or just starting your career in mental health there’s an opportunity to explore and advance your skills and profession at VPCH.

Positively impacting lives every day.

  • We have the opportunity to develop therapeutic relationships while using the nursing process to enhance patient care and recovery

  • We are part of a multidisciplinary collaborative team approach to patient centered care

  • We are supported in our work by outstanding Mental Health Specialists who provide direct patient care, clinical insights, and observations

  • We receive a 2½ week orientation, a minimum of 3 weeks preceptorship, ongoing  training, education, and clinical supervision

  • We have a wide range of on-site professional services including psychiatrists, pharmacists, social workers, activity therapists, psychologists, internists, a registered dietician, and full dietary service.

  • We adhere to the standards of psychiatric mental health nursing with a focus on patient safety and recovery for all patients

“Our hospital is small enough that it can resemble the dynamics of a family, with collaboration and healthy conflict amongst our clinical and direct care staff that fosters open and dynamic discussions around patient care and general operations.  Our working environment is gorgeous and progressive, inviting our staff to grasp this opportunity to transform the model for acute psychiatric care in Vermont. Our hospital is all about human relationships and I am continually astonished by the level of compassion that our staff extends toward our clients and each other“- Scott, RN, PN2, Charge

For questions related to your application, please contact the Department of Human Resources, Recruitment Services at 855-828-6700 (voice) or 800-253-0191 (TTY/Relay Service).  The State of Vermont is an EOE.

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Department of Mental Health
Commissioner Sarah Squirrell
280 State Drive, NOB 2 North
Waterbury, VT 05671-2010
Phone:  (802) 241-0090
Fax: (802) 241-0100

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