Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence


The Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence (MTCR) is a seven-bed secure residential facility designed to provide a community-based aftercare option for people who are ready to discharge from a psychiatric hospital but still require considerable support in their recovery process.  The facility offers several outdoor areas for the residents to use; a small area for quiet meditation and a larger area that allows for physical exercise, relaxation as well as the ability to engage in some gardening.  Within MTCR itself, the community rooms and quiet rooms are appointed with comfortable lounge seating.  There is an activities room that has several pieces of exercise equipment available to the residents, as well as musical instruments for the residents to use. 

All of the residents at MTCR are encouraged to collaborate with their treatment team in creating a strengths-based, recovery focused plan of support to address their unique challenges and interests.  Available treatment options include individual psychotherapy, psychiatric care, WRAP plan support, substance use counseling, and regularly scheduled group programming designed to help residents develop and implement skills that will help them become functioning members of their community.  Residents are also encouraged to participate in supervised community outings during which they have a chance to apply learned skills such as effective communication, money management, and making healthy food choices.  Community outings also help to broaden residents’ exposure to healthy recreational activities, and include trips to local museums and nature walks.   Meaning, purpose, and hope are instilled through individualized community reintegration activities such as participating in volunteer work, pursuing educational opportunities, and honing job readiness skills.  Treatment coordinators at MTCR work closely with residents, their families, designated agencies, and other community partners to ensure that the discharge process happens in an efficient but planful way thus ensuring that residents have every opportunity to continue meeting success on their path to recovery.

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The philosophy of the Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence includes the belief that a critical and integral element of recovery for residents is their ability to access experiences in the community in supported and structured ways. Outings into the community are essential to mental health recovery and community reintegration.  Community access facilitates the transition to a less restrictive setting by providing contact with Designated Agencies as well as helping to build required skills and abilities to manage and feel competent outside of the MTCR building.  Normalizing experiences that build life skills include the ability to socialize with community members, negotiate banking and purchasing transactions, as well as familiarize residents with locations of businesses and community services.  Residents are also encouraged to participate in community outings that allow them to experience the healing elements of walking in nature while they practice and develop coping skills to manage anxiety and other difficult emotions.  Walking outside of the facility also promotes physical activity, improves overall health and reduces feelings of depression and hopelessness.  The utilization of staff supervision allows residents at MTCR to go into the community as clinically appropriate. The level of staff supervision is based on both legal and clinical readiness of residents, and is in accordance with individual treatment goals.


Our Mission

At MTCR we strive to assist residents in their recovery and movement towards community living.  

Our Vision

MTCR seeks to provide a secure therapeutic environment that allows residents to live with as much independence as possible.

Our Values

We respect the dignity of every person.  We believe in the recovery model of mental healthcare and support each person in the discovery of his or her unique path to wellness.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide residents with the services needed in a manner that supports independence and personal preferences.  To facilitate this goal, a treatment plan will be created with each resident, in coordination with outpatient providers, to support reentry into the community.  This plan will be reviewed regularly, and revised as needed.

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