May is Mental Health Awareness Month

08 May 2020

As part of Mental Health Awareness month, the Department of Mental Health has collaborated with Vermont Care Partners to lift up some of the success stories from mental health care providers across the state, including school based mental health workforce.

Join us in honoring each and every one of our mental health leaders, clinicians, counselors, staff and the tremendous teams that support them in delivering care to Vermonters. We hope you’ll be inspired by these stories below of steadfast commitment, creativity and kindness. Please share yours with us at or on social media using the hashtag #VermontDMH.


How Vermont is Reshaping Mental Health

In the midst of a public health emergency, Vermont's Designated and Special Service Agencies (DA/SSAs) inspire us now more than ever. While navigating new state and federal policies, providers are still offering resources to local communities, providing treatment with clients using new technologies, collaborating with partners, and going above and beyond every day to get Vermonters the support that they need to stay well during the Covid-19 emergency.


School Based Mental Health During Covid-19  

During extended remote learning related to COVID-19, the Designated Mental Health Agencies (DA) continue to support students, families, schools, and communities through a variety of collaborative and creative strategies. Families need supports to manage stress and to support their child(ren)'s anxiety or other emotional and behavioral challenges. The pivot to remote learning has put even more stress and strain on vulnerable children/youth making these social, emotional, and behavioral supports more important than ever.



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