Mourning Fox, MA, LCMHC, Deputy Commissioner

Mourning Fox has been certified as a NAPPI (Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Interventions) instructor, a CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) trainer and a Mental Health First Aid trainer. He began his career in mental health, over twenty years ago, as a psychiatric emergency services clinician.  Fox has run crisis and forensic residential programs. He developed the counseling program at Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana. 

Fox later was the director of the maximum security inpatient forensic unit at Bridgewater State Hospital.  There he also screened all admission to the facility and provided initial and ongoing mandatory violence prevention/de-escalation training for all the clinical and correctional staff at the hospital. He is also a graduate and class President of the Plymouth Police Academy’s Basic Reserve Academy and recipient of the Brian Daley Academic Excellence Award.  Fox has been trained and certified by the FBI as a Hostage Negotiator. He was the first Hostage Negotiator for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections with a mental health background. 

Fox returned to Vermont to take on the role of Behavioral Health Director for Lamoille County Mental Health. Fox began his work for the Department of Mental Health as the Care Management Director and later filled the role of Director of Operations and the Mental Health Services Director. His experience and knowledge were helpful in developing the Team Two training model that focuses on collaboration between law enforcement and mental health emergency service providers. Fox is a Mentor Mediator, an experienced trainer and performs improvisational comedy as often as he can.

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