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DMH Unveils Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Platform

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For Immediate Release:  
August 17th, 2023 

Media Contact:  
Alex Frantz, Communications Director 
Vermont Department of Mental Health 


DMH Unveils Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Platform 
Launch marks milestone in Vermont’s suicide prevention efforts 


Waterbury, Vt. - The Vermont Department of Mental Health (DMH) is proud to unveil the Suicide Prevention Platform to address the urgent issue of suicide prevention in Vermont. The Platform, created in collaboration with the Center for Health and Learning, will be available to the public as an accessible tool containing resources and information on suicide prevention initiatives distilled into one comprehensive document. 

"We have witnessed substantial growth in suicide prevention initiatives and resources since 2015. The release of the Suicide Prevention Platform is a testament to our commitment to progress and highlights the vast array of available support for those in need," added Chris Allen, Director of Suicide Prevention.    

The significance of this collaboration lies in the dire need to combat the alarming increase in suicide deaths in Vermont. According to data from 2021, Vermont reported the highest number of suicide-related fatalities ever recorded in the state. With the suicide rate per 100,000 significantly higher at 20.3, compared to the U.S. rate of 14.0, it is clear that action is required to address this crisis. 

“The need for this updated resource platform cannot be overstated. The suicide prevention landscape has evolved dramatically since its last update in 2015 and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019. We are proud to provide a platform that is accessible and informative to our community and the providers we work with,” stated Kathleen Kilbourne, Executive Director for The Center for Health and Learning and the VT Suicide Prevention Center. 

The Suicide Prevention Platform lays the groundwork for the upcoming DMH Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan, slated for release in July 2024. The Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan will chart the future of suicide prevention in Vermont, making the Suicide Prevention Platform an essential tool for discovering gaps in services, and accurately reflecting the current landscape of suicide prevention efforts. The Platform serves as a one-stop document where individuals, community partners, and entire organizations can access vital information about suicide prevention initiatives, available trainings, and key resources.  

The launch of the Suicide Prevention Platform marks a significant stride in nurturing transparency and equipping communities to become both well-informed and actively involved in the collective mission of suicide prevention.  

Click here to access the Suicide Prevention Platform 


About the Department of Mental Health 

Vermont Department of Mental Health (DMH) has a critical mission to improve the conditions and well-being of all Vermonters across the state and protect those who cannot protect themselves. 



About the Center for Health and Learning 

The Center for Health and Learning is a non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for initiatives that inspire optimal health for all. Their mission is to build healthy communities through educational resources, leadership training, policy development, and technical assistance.