Treatment Programs

There are many kinds of treatment services provided at the Vermont State Hospital including:


Psychiatric Services

Psychiatrists are physicians trained in the treatment of illnesses of the brain affecting mood, thought, cognition and behavior. They lead a multidisciplinary team in the care of a patient. A Psychiatrist is assigned to every patient admitted to the Vermont State Hospital. Patients are assessed by a psychiatrist on the day that they arrive in the hospital. The treatment modalities used by the psychiatrist include both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. The Medical Director at the Vermont State Hospital is Dr. Jay Batra. He can be reached at or at 802-241-1000.


Nursing Services

Nurses and psychiatric technicians in the Department of Nursing work with patients from the moment of admission until discharge from the hospital. Nursing works hard to provide care that is least restrictive, fosters cooperation, and respects the wishes of our patients. Nursing strives to be a source of healing, support, and education for the patients in need of our services.


Social Work

The Social Work Department provides social services to patients and their families to ensure that a patient’s illness, recovery, and safe transition from one care setting to another are considered within the context of his or her biopsychosocial needs and the specific demands and opportunities of his or her environment. Social workers focus on psychosocial factors including family relationships, living arrangements, the patient’s developmental history, finances, and cultural, religious, educational and vocational background, as they impinge on the understanding, treatment and relapse prevention of the psychiatric disorder. As members of the interdisciplinary teams, social workers contribute to program development and treatment planning for all patients and they collaborate with outpatient providers to develop comprehensive aftercare plans that meet the needs of the patients after discharge. The Director of Social Services is JoEllen Swaine, LICSW, and may be reached at or 802-241-1000.


Therapeutic and Recovery Services

The Vermont State Hospital provides a wide range of Psychosocial Rehabilitation services. These services are designed to help patients develop and strengthen skills that will facilitate a successful return to the community. Most of these services are provided in the form of group activities. All patients are encouraged to attend these groups in the New Directions Pavilion, which is VSH’s treatment space outside of the inpatient units. You can contact Patrick Kinner, LCMHC, the Director of Therapeutic and Recovery Services, at or 802-241-1000.



The Psychology Department provides individual and group therapies and psychometric evaluation, and has a specialized expertise in the assessment and treatment of psychological trauma. The psychology service provides a wide range of behavioral services that promote the acquisition of adaptive, pro-social behaviors that help facilitate recovery and increase community integration. The Director of the Psychology Department is Elliott Benay, and he can be reached at or 802-241-1000.



A Neurologist is a physician trained in the disorders of the brain. Neurology is a consultation service and therefore a patient will be referred to the neurologist if there is a specific need. Neurology services assist the psychiatrist in determining the diagnosis and in the treatment of these illnesses. The Medical Director at the Vermont State Hospital is Dr. Jay Batra. He can be reached at or at 802-241-1000.


General Internal Medicine 

Family practice physician assesses patients for various illnesses when consulted by a psychiatrist. The physician asseses most patients admitted to the Vermont State Hospital, soon after admission and then throughout their hospital stay based on the needs of the patients. The family physician can make recommendations as well initiate and continue treatment at Vermont State Hospital. The Medical Director at the Vermont State Hospital is Dr. Jay Batra. He can be reached at or at 802-241-1000.


Dietary Services

All meals and snacks are provided by the Food Service Department at VSH. The Dietitian is on staff full-time for clinical consults and therapeutic diet counseling. Patients can contact the Dietitian by phone to discuss food preferences and to set up appointments to review special meal requests. The Dietitian can be reached at or 802 241-3216.


Substance Abuse

All VSH patients with a history of substance abuse are eligible to receive substance abuse services as part of their inpatient treatment. These services may include evaluation, group services, and individual counseling. If you would like more information about VSH Substance Abuse services, you can contact Patrick Kinner, LCMHC, at or 802-241-1000.

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapist at VSH provides direct patient care upon physician referral. Areas covered include musculoskeletal issues, pre or post- surgery recovery, neurological rehabilitation, repetitive injuries, non-medical pain management, balance and gait issues. The physical therapist is also responsible for assessing the need for and obtaining medical equipment that promotes patient independence. The Physical Therapist is Maria Nolan, MPT and she can be reached at or by calling 802-241-1000.