2011 VSH Hospital Report Card


This report provides data about Vermont State Hospital's quality of care, nurse staffing, patient perceptions of care, pricing and financial health. In addition, it provides information about the hospital’s quality improvement initiatives, strategic initiatives, governance and process for filing a complaint. To view this information, click on any of the topics below.

Quality of Care Information

  • Care Planning - See information about Treatment Planning, Discharge Planning, and Post-Discharge Continuing Care Plans. 


Nurse Staffing Information

See information about nursing care hours per patient day.


Patient Satisfaction

See process for patient feedback about their hospital experience.  


Pricing and Financial Information

Pricing and Financial Information
  • 2011 Hospital Daily Charge 
  • Budget Summary 
  • Financial Information and Benchmarks 
  • Cost Shift Information 
  • Capital Expenditure Information
Hospital Discount and Free Care Policy


Additional Information
  • Comparative Pricing and Financial Information for All Vermont Community Hospitals 
  • Discount and Free Care Policies for All Vermont Hospitals

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Initiatives

Read about the quality improvement projects we have undertaken to make patient care safer and more effective.


Strategic Initiatives

Read about strategic initiatives to meet health care needs in our community and opportunities for public participation in strategic planning.


Hospital Governance

Read about hospital governance, including our public meeting schedule and contact information. 


Filing a Complaint

Read information about the hospital complaint process.



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