About VISI

The Vermont Integrated Services Initiative (VISI) was created when the State of Vermont received a grant from the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration.

Vermont has taken significant important steps over the last several years to increase the systems' capacity to provide accessible, effective, and comprehensive, integrated and evidence-based services for adults and adolescents with co-occurring conditions. The Vermont Integrated Services Initiative (VISI) is an effort to build on work accomplished in the CRT system and work in progress through the Adolescent Treatment Enhancement Grant (ATE) to advance and connect all current and previous change efforts into one statewide intiative. VISI will provide incentive funds, technical assistance, training, clinical consultation and a quality improvement process to help agencies increase their capacity to welcome, screen, assess and treat people with co-occurring conditions.

VISI has invited the Department of Mental Health Designated Agencies, members of the Division Alcohol and Drug Abuse Preferred Provider network, selected primary care clinics, selected mental health and substance use treatment courts, and several peer programs throughout the state to participate in this Initiative.


Our vision is to build a client-centered, recovery oriented system of care that is organized at every level to serve people and families with complex needs, particularly those with co-occurring mental health, substance use and or/medical conditions.


Our mission is to improve Vermont's capacity to provide integrated services to people with co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions.


  • Build capacity among service providers to deliver integrated services to people with co-occurring conditions.
  • Develop peer-led, community-based supports for people with co-occurring conditions.
  • Increase the integration of the state’s health care system to better support co-occurring services.