Inpatient Data Reports

About the Inpatient Data Reports

These reports provide a statistical overview of the utilization of inpatient facilities by Vermont residents for psychiatric and substance abuse services. Episodes of hospitalization that occurred in general hospitals in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and neighboring counties of New York, and in the Vermont State Hospital (VSH), the Brattleboro Retreat, and Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospitals in Vermont and Massachusetts are included in this overview. The report provides detailed information on utilization of inpatient behavioral health care by Vermont residents, including episodes of hospitalization, patient days, and unduplicated numbers of people served. This information is provided for each of the state’s counties and for each of six categories of facilities. Utilization profiles are presented for mental health and for substance abuse treatment, for young people and for adults. Appendices provide demographic characteristics of people served, hospital-specific utilization data, and information on caseload overlap among types of facility. A detailed methodological appendix provides information on the databases used to prepare this report and the methodology for deriving unduplicated counts of people served without reference to unique person identifiers.