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The Department of Mental Health prepares and releases a number of reports. The reports that are listed on this page serve to provide information by presenting plans, accomplishments, goals, surveys, and other research results or outcomes. Many of these reports were generated from a 'charge' or motive. If you are looking for informational documents or manuals, please visit the Publications and Resources page.

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Department-Wide Reports

  • State System of Care Plans provide mental health services stakeholders and the public with information about the nature, extent, allocation and timing of services; system-wide planning issues; and an assessment of progress and the system's needs and challenges.
  • Performance Indicator Project reports are published on a weekly basis that provide information about different aspects of the behavioral healthcare system. These reports (PIPs) investigate such indicators as access to care, practice patterns, and treatment outcomes as well as the concerns of criminal justice involvement, employment, and hospitalization.

Adult Mental Health



FY 2016 Budget

FY 2015 Budget

FY 2014 Budget Adjustments

Department of Mental Health FY2014 BAA Talking Points (December 4, 2013)

DMH PNMI FY14 BAA (October 14, 2013)

VPCH Timeline (December 4, 2013)


FY 2014 Budget


  • Community Mental Health Agency Revenue and Expense Reports
        (Cost Per Unit, Cost Per Client, Cost Per Capita and Cost Per Medicaid Enrollee)
  • FY2008 WideBook Report

  • FY2009 WideBook Report

  • FY2010 WideBook Report


Child, Adolescent, and Family Mental Health

  • Department of Mental Health Research and Statistics Presentation and Handouts on Psychotropic Medications for Children and Adolescents.

  • Building the Bridge to Adulthood: Vermont’s Young Adult in Transition Grant  Transitioning from adolescence into adult life comes with many challenges, especially if a young adult is also struggling with mental health issues.  This report briefly describes the major issues for this population in Vermont, provides data on outcomes achieved under the Young Adults in Transition (YIT) grant, and outlines the implications of what we have learned.

  • Children's Upstream Services (CUPS) Qualitative Outcome Report Prepared by the CUPS Evaluation Team, this qualitative study identifies factors critical to positive outcomes from the points of view of parents whose families received early childhood mental health services from the VT CUPS initiative. Fourteen parents participated in in-depth, open-ended interviews: six whose families demonstrated postive outcomes by six months of service and eight who did not.
  • Children's Upstream Services (CUPS) Evaluation Outcome Reports:
    One of the reports is a poster presentation and one is a more complete but still brief quantitative summary of the outcomes for a sample of the 2,383 children and families who received CUPS services between January 1999 and June 2003. The outcomes are reported from the parents' perspectives.
  • Vermont Public Manager Program Consultancy: Needs assessment of Residential Care for Children and Adolescents in Vermont (May 2007) The Case Review Committee (CRC), which is a subcommittee of the State Interagency Team (SIT), evaluates and approves all referrals for children and adolescents with emotional and/or behavioral challenges for residential treatment programs throughout the state when less restrictive alternatives are not appropriate. In 2006, the CRC began to notice gaps in services and trends that led to increasing numbers of children being placed on lengthy residential waiting lists and/or sent out-of-state for treatment.  This prompted the CRC to approach the Vermont Public Managers Consultation group to assist in uncovering the reasons why these gaps in Vermont’s residential programs were occurring.
  • Success Beyond Six Minimum Standards for Behavior Interventionists - This document is in response to the Report to Vermont House Committees on Education and on Human Services and Vermont Senate Committees on Education and on Health and Welfare From The Agency of Human Services and the Department of Education Recommendations and Implementation Plan on Success Beyond Six.
  • Success Beyond Six Executive Summary

  • Success Beyond Six Final Full Report 
    In May 2007, the Vermont Senate Appropriations Committee called for the creation of a study committee to examine Vermont’s school-based mental health services with the following charge.
    The secretary of the agency of human services and the commissioner of education shall convene a summer study group to ensure that expenditures in this area utilize best practices, yield positive outcomes, and are managed to a predictable rate of growth.  This study will result in recommendations regarding:
    mechanisms for managing Success Beyond Six services in a capped Medicaid environment to ensure the effective delivery of services to school-age children and controlled growth;
    (B) prioritizing Success Beyond Six populations and/or services for growth within the constraints of the waiver cap.  This will include exploring whether prevention and mental health wellness programs can or should be funded within this model; and
    (C) decreasing administrative burdens of service provision where ever possible.
    The 27 members of the interagency study committee met monthly from August through November and produced this full report and executive summary.

  • The Effects of Psychological Trauma on Children and Adolescents (June 30, 2005)
    A report by Kathleen J. Moroz, DSW, LICSW prepared for the Vermont Agency of Human Services, Department of Health, Division of Mental Health, Child, Adolescent and Family Unit. This report includes a definition and description of trauma in children, long-term effects of trauma, relationship between trauma and attachment, data of Vermont children effected by trauma, national trends and best-practices in treating trauma, and specific recommendations to improve Vermont's system of care for children who have experienced trauma.
Legislative Reports


          2016 Reports

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            (Act 79 now contains data from Act 180 - Transportation of Individuals in the Custody of the Commissioner of

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