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The documents listed on this page are those that are primarily used to provide guidance or to inform. If you are looking for documents relating to data, surveys or research findings, please visit our Reports & Data page.

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  • Youth Suicide Prevention Platform Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young Vermonters.  This document was written as a call to action for all Vermonters -- clinicians, policy makers, community leaders, families, and individuals.  It describes the issues involved in this complex public health concern, outlines concrete goals and strategies based on the latest research findings, and lists existing resources.  Press Release 2012 
  • The CUPS Handbook This is a very long document and may take a few minutes to open. If you would like a hard copy please contact us) Finding Help for Young Children with Social-Emotional-Behavioral Challenges and Their Families: The Vermont Children's UPstream Services ( CUPS) Handbook: This document was produced under the guidance of The CUPS Learning Team to help service providers identify difficulties that children and families may be experiencing, understand significant concepts related to those difficulties, and locate relevant resources for intervention with children and families with social and emotional challenges.
  • Pathways: A Resource Guide Connecting Families with Services and Supports for Children and Adolescents Who Experience a Serious Emotional Disturbance  This document gives practical, detailed suggestions on where to find information, supports, and services. It addresses five basic questions: (1) What is serious emotional disturbance? (2) What is the impact on the family? (3) Where can I find information and support? (4) What systems provide services? (5) Who pays for what?
  • Conduct Disorder: Treatment Recommendations for Vermont Youth A mini-white paper from the State Interagency Team that explains the term “conduct disorder,” describes research findings about best practice for treatment, and provides guidelines for treatment teams.