Futures Initiative

The Futures Plan is consistent with Vermont’s long history of establishing strong community support systems and reducing our reliance on institutional care.

The Futures Plan calls for the transformation of our service system towards a consumer-directed, trauma-informed, and recovery-oriented system of mental health. When fully implemented, the plan will transform inpatient and recovery services for the most severely ill and will improve coordination of services and increase capacity for all adults with mental illness. The fundamental goal is to support recovery for Vermonters with mental illnesses in the least restrictive and most integrated settings.


The Futures Plan envisions the following services components:

  • New Acute Inpatient Capacity for evaluation, stabilization and treatment of acute mental illness will be developed in partnership with Vermont's existing general care hospitals.

  • A Range of Residential Recovery Programs to create different types of residential options for meeting the needs of a longer-term population in need of intensive recovery services, supervision and/or security.  

  • Crisis Beds for Stablization and Diversion; the goal of this service is to help prevent hospitalizations by stabilizing clients in crisis before they reach the clinical threshold for hospitalization.
  • Care Management Program will ensure that the system can manage and coordinate movement within the system, so that indivduals have access to the appropriate level of care needed.  The system will help to ensure that the most integrated and least restrictive care consistent with safety is being delivered.

Medical Screening Protocol - June, 2010


Futures Workgroups and Committees