Intensive Family Based Services Workgroup

About the Intensive Family Based Services Workgroup

A workgroup has been formed to review the current Intensive Family Based Services program. The workgroup includes - Department of Mental Health, Department for Children and Families/Family Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs, Juvenile Justice and the provider system.

The workgroup will:

  • Identify the best mental health, substance abuse, child welfare and juvenile justice practices for family treatment and support
  • Recommend a practice model for Vermont to the commissioners of the participating departments
  • Identify the implementation requirements including training, leadership, management and resources
  • Recommend a model to the Justice for Children Treatment Service Workgroup

Below you will find the research and best practice literature in order to frame this process. The workgroup has also heard from Vermont programs regarding their best practice and will continue to meet throughout the year in order to develop an effective Vermont model integrating researched and current best practice and develop a more comprehensive Vermont model for Intensive Family Based Services.