Act 264 Local Interagency Team

About Local Interagency Teams

If a child's personal Treatment Team is unable to agree upon or implement a Coordinated Service Plan to meet the needs of the individual and his/her family, they can bring the problem to their Local Interagency Team (LIT). Each of the 12 catchment areas for the Agency of Human Services has a Local Interagency Team that meets regularly.

The Team is composed at a minimum of representatives from the community mental health center, local school districts, the local office of the Department for Children & Families, Division of Family Services and family members.

Their purpose is to provide technical assistance to a Treatment Team to implement a successful Coordinated Service Plan and to help develop the system of care in that region. The Coordinator for each Local Interagency Team may be reached at your community mental health center.


The Act 264 and the Interagency Agreement reinforce the need and importance of having a parent representative on the Local Interagency Teams. Local Interagency Team Parent Representative Role Description serves as a description of the role and activities a parent representative can perform to help ensure the parent’s perspective is integrated in the LIT process.



Barre Sara Miller Washington County Mental Health
Bennington Lorna Mattern United Counseling Services
Brattleboro Lori Schreiner Health Care and Rehabilitation Services
Burlington Betsy Cain HowardCenter
Hartford Tammy Austin

Clara Martin Center

Middlebury Cheryl Huntley Counseling Service of Addison County
Morrisville Marc Adams Lamoille County Mental Health
Newport Angela Walters Northeast Kingdom Human Services
Rutland Krista Barbagallo Rutland Mental Health Services
Springfield Gerda Lenselink

Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services

St. Albans Todd Bauman Northwestern Counseling and Support Services
St. Johnsbury Angela Walters Northeast Kingdom Human Services