Young Adults in Transition Grant

Technical Assistance – both from the national and state levels is the current emphasis.
Most members of the Youth in Transition State Outreach and Operations Team have made site visits to several of the 12 regional planning teams to:

  • build relationships,
  • observe the decision-making processes,
  • offer feedback, and
  • suggest additional perspectives and resources.

The regional teams seem to appreciate these visits. Though we have not yet been to all regions, we are scheduled to do so within the next month. For the most part, the regions are well along in their exploration of the issues facing youth in transition and what to do about those issues. Some plans may be submitted as soon as late July or early August. Meanwhile, we will receive our first visit from the national TA Partnership.
The focus of the TA will be on:

  • youth coordination,
  • cultural and linguistic competence,
  • social marketing, and
  • governance.

Since the first three topics are new requirements for the system of care work in Vermont, we look forward to meeting our TA Team and interacting with them over an extended time. So far, our primary contact with these consultants has been through phone conversations, when they have worked hard to identify and meet our needs for TA.