Children, Adolescent, and Family Act 264 Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of nine members appointed by the governor, including equal numbers of parents, advocates, and providers. The Board's purpose is to advise the secretaries of the Agency of Human Services and of the Agency of Education, and the commissioners for mental health, child welfare, and disabilities on:

  • matters relating to children and adolescents with any disability and their families;
  • the development and status of the interagency system of care; and
  • yearly priorities for the interagency system of care.


ACT 264 Minutes

Act 264 and State Program Standing Committee


Vermont Act 264 Advisory Board Recommendations on Priorities for the 2018 Coordinated System of Care

Vermont Act 264 Advisory Board Recommendations on Priorties for the 2017 System of Care

Act 264 Recommendations on Priorities for the 2016 System of Care

Interested in learning more or becoming a member of the Act 264 Advisory Board? 

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Laurel Omland
Department of Mental Health


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