Adult Mental Health Services

As people in the Department of Mental Health, we understand:

  • You are not alone in your struggles.

  • Even if it feels that you are all alone, others have similar struggles, too.

  • You and your loved ones have many strengths and abilities to build on.

  • There is help.

  • There are many skilled and knowledgeable people in Vermont available to help you.


About Adult Mental Health Services

The Department of Mental Health has contracts with a private nonprofit agencies in Vermont to provide mental-health care. They are called designated agencies, or community mental health centers. All of the services listed on this page are available at your local desginated agency.


There are three programs that are offered through designated agencies in communities throughout Vermont. They are:

  • Adult Outpatient Services are for adults who do not have a severe mental health condition, but are still experiencing mental health problems that are disrupting their every day lives.