Grievance & Appeals

A "grievance" is an expression of dissatisfaction about any matter that is not an action, such as the quality of a service provided or aspects of interpersonal relationships (like rudeness). People who are receiving services or their representatives can file grievances. 

The goal of the Agency of Human Services (AHS) is to have a common process for grievances and appeals from all individuals served by Medicaid-financed programs or services. The procedures are intended to be:

  • Clearly communicated and consistently applied by all Designated Agencies and Specialized Services Agencies, programs, and representatives,
  • Easily accessible, with assistance available as needed,
  • Confidential,
  • Free of retribution,
  • Adequately documented, and
  • Resolved within the specified time frames.

If you are a Community Rehabilitation and Treatment (CRT) Client and have received services at one of the Designated Agencies, and you would like to file a grievance or appeal due to the services you received there, please refer to the CRT Client Handbook.



Grievance and Appeals Data Base

Report your Grievance and Appeals Documentation





The Grievance and Appeal Data Base is password protected. It is the central reporting location for all grievances and appeals and is MANDATORY for all Medicare/Medicaid providers. This data is reported out on a regular interval to provide evidence of consumer responsiveness and adherence to Global Commitment Standards for Medicaid/Medicare.


Designated Agency Staff: For support with other Grievance and Appeal discussions, including Grievance Reviews,  please contact Department of Mental Health Adult Quality Management Coordinator






If you are a provider or want to learn more about the Grievance and Appeals process that the Designated Agencies use, please refer to the Grievances and Appeals Provider Manual.